The Transfers Purpose Return
If there is a problem
during the transfer.
Avoid receiving the product if the product packet is open or cracked. Please check the order number, model number when receiving the product. If you have any problems, please return immediately. If, In case of technical problems you do not have to pay any extra charge.  See more below
QoS Enterprise
Brand Guarantee
Up To 5 to 10 Year.
All our products are Original Authentic products. We verify the functionality before transferring and then transfer it. However, if there are any problems, we will replace them.

We give priority to the customer first. We first assure the product quality and then supply the product to the customer. We can say in essence that my product is 100% authentic.


*** We never encourage your customer to refund. We try to give the right product then if there is any technical problem we replace the product. If the product is not readily available, we refund.

*** On the other hand, you bought a product in Intake condition. And open the product then we will not accept it if you want to return. we can’t change it. If there is any problem or a technical fault, we will change it. I don’t like the color, I won’t take it anymore, I won’t take any of it, now none of our returns and refunds are not applicable for all these reasons.